About Us

A Community That Brings Together Knowledge and Nature

New Century School has been a tuition-free K-5 option in the Verona Area School District since 1995. In 2010, New Century became Dane County's first "green" charter elementary school, with curriculum centered around study of the natural world.

Building on many years of success, New Century teachers are developing a dynamic curriculum that fits the public school's key strengths (multi-age classes, team teaching and a student-centered approach to learning) while continuing its longtime emphasis on science.

We strive to help students become resourceful problem-solvers and critical thinkers. Teachers encourage students to pose thoughtful questions. Then, they help the children effectively seek answers to guide their learning. We believe that this questioning process makes learning more exciting, relevant and memorable. Environmental themes connect subjects, and nature provides an engaging context for scientific exploration and hands-on learning.

We believe that solving problems in our global world demands flexible and innovative thinking. So, we strive to prepare students to be self-motivated learners who approach new challenges with confidence and creativity.

It may seem cliche to say “It takes a village to raise a child.” Yet community effort is at the heart of New Century School. Our village includes teachers who are dedicated to making this school a unique place for children to begin a lifetime of learning. It includes parents who give their time and effort with the belief that NCS is a special place. And it includes community partners who care about the environment and are willing to help children experience and understand nature and the wonder it holds. As a public charter school, we exist because in 1995 a Verona parent had the courage to dream about a small school where innovation could be practiced. Today, we continue that dream.

Whether you are an educator, a family looking for a school home or a community member looking to support your community, you are invited to be a part of our village. Please call or email us for further information about our school and how you can be a part of the excitement that is New Century School.