With Makey Makeys, Learning Never Stops for our 3rd Graders

With Makey Makeys, Learning Never Stops for our 3rd Graders
Posted on 12/08/2020
With Makey Makeys, Learning Never Stops for our 3rd GradersMakey Makey

With Makey Makeys, learning never stops for our 3rd graders. We are so excited that each NCS 3rd grader has received a Makey Makey kit for STEM learning at home! Makey Makeys allow for connections between "real world objects" and on-screen programs, such as Scratch, which unleashes a huge amount of potential for kid-created inventions! 


So far, the students have learned how to connect the Makey Makeys to their iPads, control a piano keyboard, and create music using everyday objects such as fruit and silverware! Their latest tests have been to figure out what household items are conductive and non-conductive.

Here are videos of the students showing and describing their experiences so far:

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Makey Makey
These are comments from our students regarding using Makey Makeys:

*We are using Makey Makeys  to explore the amazing huge digital world.

*The inventions never stop, the learning never stops, and the fun never stops!

*We are making music. I think it’s fun!

*We are doing a conducted scratch project.

*I feel great about it but the coding is a little tricky.

*I did an apple 🍎 piano 🍏

*We are learning how to use them.


*I feel great about working with Makey Makey.

*With Makey Makey, we are testing out conductive and non-conductive materials and/or making projects like fruit piano.

*and a baby 🥕 piano too. 

*We are learning about some technology with the Makey Makeys and learning what things are conductive and not conductive.         *I enjoy working with them because they are fun to use and make noises with and they’re fun when you plan how to use it.

*I feel really good about Makey Makey so far and I feel like it is a great learning opportunity for kids, but it is also very, very, fun!

*We are using Makey Makey to make pianos and test stuff like conductivity and what happens when stuff happens.

*So far I love Makey Makey.

*We are testing conductive things and not conductive things and also creating fun projects.

Makey Makey
Makey Makey

Makey Makey

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