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How Stuff Works
How Stuff Works is a great place to learn about the way all kinds of things function in the world. Learn about everything from guitars, to cruise missiles to the cells in your own body!

Toshiba NSTA ExploraVision
From the site: "ExploraVision is a competition for all students in grades K–12. It is designed to encourage students to combine their imagination with their knowledge of science and technology to explore a vision of the future. Teams of students select a technology, research how it works and why it was invented, and then project how that technology may change in the future. They must then identify what breakthroughs are required for their vision to become a reality and describe the positive and negative consequences of their technology on society. Winning ideas have focused on things as simple as ball-point pens and as complex as satellite communications."

Theater of Electricity, Boston Museum of Science
This site from the Boston Museum of Science includes load of information about their amazing Theater of Electricity. You can find information about the history and construction of the theater and its world´s largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator, Tesla coils, and lightning, plus photos, movies, and teacher resources.

Structures of Life

Plants and Youth: Design and Build a Terrarium

With this illustrated online guide from the Florida Cooperative Extension Service, students can have a great time designing and building simple terrariums using quart jars or goldfish bowls. (Note: A warm terrarium is perfect for sprouting as many grapefruit seeds as you have room for.)


Water Science for Schools

The U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Water Science for Schools web site offers information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

Human Body

How Stuff Works
How Stuff Works is a great place to learn about the way all kinds of things function in the world. Learn about everything from guitars, to cruise missiles to the cells in your own body!

How Your Brain Works
Find out about the anatomy of your brain and how your brain works. This page from includes many illustrations.
Have you got questions about the human body? This is the place to find the answer.

Earth Materials 

Cascades Volcanoes Images
This site includes climate information for different countries.

Building Stones of our Nation's Capital
This online booklet describes the source and appearance of many of the stones used in building Washington, D.C. The buildings have been constructed with rocks from quarries throughout the United States and many distant lands. Each building shows important features of various stones and the geologic environment in which they were formed.

This is the site for the U.S. Geological Survey, a part of Department of Interior.

 Physics of Sound - 4th Grade

How Cell Phones Work

Find out how cell phones work in this How Stuff Works site.

How Speakers Work
Find out how a speaker (or headphone) translates electrical signals and translates them back into physical vibrations to create sound waves that you can hear.

Mixtures and Solutions

This site includes a variety of information, activities, and a glossary relating to chemistry.

Chemical Elements
Up to date periodic table created especially for K-12 students.

Comic Book Periodic Table
Click on an element in this table and see full, referenced comic book pages and covers involving that element. See how comic book heroes have been influenced by chemistry.

Bill Nye's Online Labs
This site contains Bill Nye the Science Guy's online labs which contain chemistry experiments.

Grow a Borax Snowflake
Follow these instructions to create a borax crystal snowflake.

How Fire Works
Find out where fire comes from and see why it behaves the way it does at this How Stuff Works website.

Science of Candy: Rock Candy Recipe
Find out about the science of candy and how to make rock candy at this Exploratorium website.

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