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Parent Committees

New Century School Parent Support

New Century School strongly encourages parent involvement and opportunities to help are always available! Parents are needed to serve on the school’s Governing Board and standing committees for finance and marketing/community outreach. Parents are also encouraged to get involved in various aspects of the school’s operation, including but not limited to supporting class activities and outdoor discovery experiences, assisting with grant writing and fundraising activities, organizing diversity learning events, coordinating school wide social functions and helping teaching staff with everyday classroom tasks and special projects.

At New Century School we have four committees that are led by parents. Each of these committees works to enhance students' learning at NCS by engaging in discussions and organizing activities related to its specific charge. The following is an outline of our committees.

  1. Site Council Committee: The site council is the primary governing and policy making body of New Century School.
  2. Fundraising Committee: Enhances student learning through the organization and implementation of school-wide fundraisers.
  3. Diversity/Equity Committee: Enhances student learning through the organization and implementation of activities that celebrate, educate, and attract people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  4. Health/Wellness Committee: Enhances student learning through the organization and implementation of activities that educate and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Won’t You Join Our Team?

The success of our school and our children depends on the contributions of NCS families and community members just like you. We rely on our volunteers for marketing support, grant writing, fundraising and more, and we’d love for you to join us. If you’d like more information on how to become a volunteer or become part of an NCS Committee, please contact the school office at (608) 845-4500 and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

New Century School Governing Board 2023-2024

Jen Collins, Parent Representative

Pat Gumieny, Parent Representative

Andrew Loeffler, Parent Representative 

Lee Lohr, Staff Representative

Sally Parks, Director

Kate Parr, Parent Representative

Kelly Pasztor, Parent Representative

Stephen Rodrigues-Pavao, Parent Representative

Hannah Townsend, Parent Representative

Bethli Zgraggen, Parent Representative